Force on Force: Afghanistan

I've only played one game set in Afghanistan to date:

KSK Recon Team Rescue, Afghanistan, 2005

Paktika Province, 2005. A four-man German KSK reconnaissance team has been compromised in the hills of Southeast Afghanistan. Harried over difficult terrain and carrying one team member with a serious wound, the team has called for assistance and extraction. Air assets have yet to arrive due to weather conditions, but an 8-man US Special Forces ODA and an ANA platoon have almost arrived at the KSK team’s location at the end of a draw in the mountainous terrain. The ODA and ANA must save the KSK team before the Taliban can overrun the German position. US/ANA/KSK have initiative for the first round, subsequent rounds roll for initiative.

Taliban fighters exchange fire with the pinned down KSK recce team.
It made for a very close game, as the US/ANA plan rapidly moved from rescue to survival.  Read it here.

I hope to run a campaign centered on a US Special Forces Team set in the same province and year in the future - stay tuned!

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