Force on Force: Miscellaneous

I've collected here AARs of games in other theaters or oddball scenarios.

Showdown in Baga, Nigeria

I took some license with the facts in a then-recent Boko Haram sweep of Baga, Nigeria.  I added a private military contractor (former SOF) side mission into a fight between Boko Haram and the Nigerian Army.

The Nigerian Army (NA) showed up with a force roughly equivalent to the Boko Haram (BH) elements in this part of town, and a third faction, the military contractors of Extremis Operations Group (EOG) had their own mission, the retrieval of an executive for OILCO International (the "VIP") who had the misfortune of being in Baga when the BH forces made their move.  The EOG and NA forces were not directly aligned, but wouldn't shoot at each other. 
EOG operators maneuver through the chaos of a civil war to extract the OILCO VIP.
The game came down to a very close contest on points as the Nigerian Army and Boko Haram battled it out for a hotly contested government building.  Read the whole thing here.

Downed Pilot, US Army vs. 11th Motorized Rifle Regiment

Instead of pitting regulars against irregulars in a historical scenario, this game set two factions of regulars against each other, with relatively even forces, tasked with recovering a downed pilot from one of the buildings set in the middle of the board (and inflicting as many casualties on the other side as possible).  A full US Army Mechanized Infantry Platoon (played by Tom) squared off against a Russian-esque foe - the Donovians (played by Steve), the Opposing Force (OPFOR) employed at the Army's National Training Center (see here and here for background).
A US Bradley Fighting Vehicle takes a kill shot.
While Force on Force is known for irregular war scenarios, the regular-on-regular combat made for a well-matched and hard-fought game.  Read it here.

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