Thursday, July 31, 2014

Army Men: Green vs. Tan, Objective Cigar Box

I played a game with my eldest son (4 years old) this week.  AAR/Battle Report follows:

On the center of the dining room table is Objective Cigar Box, a building that must be seized by either side for victory.  The boy commanded the Green Army, with three fire teams and a tank, and I commanded the Tan Army with two fire teams and a tank.  Soldiers with small arms can hit anything that they can see, wounding on a 5 or 6 on a d6.  Bazookas use a blast marker (Lego piece), and flamethrowers use a fire template (whisker).
Layout of the table.  Both sides need to advance into and seize OBJ Cigar Box in the middle of the field.

View from the Tan Army's HQ, my end of the table.

View from the Green Army's HQ.

Tan fire team bolts from cover toward OBJ Cigar Box.

Green fire team moves out from cover, shadowing Tan movement.  The Tan troopers are out of flamethrower range, as demonstrated by the flame template (whisker).

Green fire team shoots and lays low all of their Tan opponents except the Tan flamethrower trooper.

On the other side of the field, the Green tank emerges as the Tan commander's fire team emerges from cover.  The blast template shows the tank's fire on the Tan troopers.

The Tan commander and his RTO are exposed in front of the Green Tank.

I told the Green commander that the Tan tank moved from cover toward his forces.  He responded that the Green command team was asleep.  They were tired and needed a nap.

All of the troops involved in the initial firefight now converge inside of OBJ Cigar Box.

First, the Tan flamethrower trooper unleashed his whisker-shaped gout of flame and crispered most of the Green soldiers.  The Green bazooka trooper applied his weapon in close quarters battle in response, to deadly effect.

The Tan and Green tanks face off on the other side of OBJ Cigar Box.  The Green tank prevails, crushing the last hope for the Tan Army.

The Tan commander, seeing his offensive capability crumble, decides to live to fight another day.  Here we see him and his RTO fleeing the field.  The Green Army takes OBJ Cigar Box.

Postscript:  The Tan commander suffered a final indignity as the Green commander placed him in a jail made of sandbags and made him take a nap until he was going to behave and join the good guys.

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