Sunday, April 19, 2015

CSGA Game Day April 2015

Yesterday the Colorado Springs Gamers Association held one of its two semi-annual game days, with games running from 7:00 am to 11:00+ pm in three sessions - morning, afternoon, and evening.  I didn't make the morning session, but here are a few photos of the days' activities:

Afternoon Session:
A Bolt Action game between US and German Army factions.  The US forces eventually pushed toward the Germans on the back right side of the field and claimed victory.
Old school 1/285th scale World War II armor clash using the Angriff! rules, which were first published in 1968.  Not sure who won - the Germans or the Russians - and the above photo was taken after the game was over and the players had already started picking up some of the immobilized and destroyed puffs of smoke.  It looked like everyone got blown up.
A game of Soldiers of the Queen, with British troops squaring off against hordes of Zulus.  As I walked up, the stampeding cattle straddling the table split had just trampled the British cavalry.  Didn't look good for the away team.
The other half of the British-Zulu showdown.  The game was so big that it took four tables to run.
Napoleon's Battles game recreating the Battle of Austerlitz in 15mm with hex-based movement and fire.  This game took the morning session to set up and both the afternoon and evening sessions to play, with four players on each side.  This shot taken from the French right flank.  Very visually impressive.
Napoleon's troops press for the high ground in the center.
Full view of the center, from behind the French lines.
French right flank on the move.

Evening Session:
Game of Battlegroup in 20mm, Germans on the left and Russians on the right.  Gorgeous setup.
View of the Battlegroup game from the other flank.
Dreadnought, a WW I-era naval game.
The Battle of Austerlitz raged on.  Here was the state of things when I wrapped up my game at 10 pm.  View from behind the French right flank, which had just rolled over opposition and was steamrolling toward the center.  Noticeably fewer units on the board; casualties must have been high.
Hope you enjoyed the pics!

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