Monday, January 18, 2016

Wargaming Goals for 2016

As you may have noticed, I've been busy and the blog went dark for the last half or so of 2015.  And I'm off to a late start this year, as evidenced by my New Year's resolution post going up on the 18th of January.  Regardless, here's what I'm hoping to accomplish in my wargaming hobby in 2016:

1.  Play and write up two games a month.
2.  Finish creating factions for Song of Blades and Heroes:
- Orcs
- Dwarves
- Human soldiers/knights
- Undead
- Barbarians
- A mixed race adventuring party
3.  Finish a d10-based skirmish system that works well (in my eyes, at least) for modern combat.  If it accommodates fantasy/medieval combat as well, that would be icing on the cake.
4.  Finish painting my 20mm modern minis.
5.  Run a Power Legion campaign using the Avengers.
5.  Build, patiently and on the cheap, some Warhammer 40k factions.  Whether I will eventually use the 40k rules or go with Tomorrow's War is up for debate.

We will see how work, kids, and real life intrude on my hobby this year.


  1. Good luck! I have never played Song of Blades and Heroes. I would be interested to see more of that.

    Number 3 also sounds awesome.

    1. You'll see some SoBH on here soon. Already played the first game of the year, just need to write it up.

      And, yes, Number 3 sounds awesome. It's just a matter of making it playable.