Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Battles of the Week, 9 August 2016

Sorry, no games to post over the last couple of weeks.  Been busy, but I had the chance to finish painting a few minis:

The minis are from Enfilade Figures' insurgent range.  It's good to have some dudes with AKs that aren't too Middle Eastern-looking and could probably be tough guys from anywhere.

I was delighted to find someone else playing a game somewhat similar to my Modern Warfare:  Alien Invasion campaign.  Dust, Tears & Dice has a game posted with near-future Russians fighting off alien battle droids.  Very cool.

Bob in Edmonton has a Black Ops game up set in the Prohibition Era, with G-Men and gangsters facing off over an illegal liquor still.  I may need to pick up that rule set, if just for the stealth infiltration aspect.

World War II roundup:  some Battlegroup Overlord at This War Without an Enemy, Sound Officer's Call has a Historicon game of Battlegroup:  Kursk posted, and Craig has a whole tournament of Flames of War from Panzershrek 2016 posted - Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, Game 4, and Game 5.

Big Lee has a massive Romans versus German barbarians game up, you should check it out.

Sediment has an ACW game and a Cold War gone hot game posted, both good reads.

Rabbits in My Basement has an old-school Afghanistan game up, and there's some WH40K over at both Fawcett Avenue Conscripts and Tim's blog.

Fantasy battles:  Fencing Frog has some Dragon Rampant posted, here's a Frostgrave battle from two perspectives - Stanley's and Mike's, and a very positive review of Age of Sigmar from Little Wars VA, a Games Workshop skeptic (I'm in the same boat).  I doubt that I'll get into the game, but it's promising that GW appears to have made an effort to fix chief complaints about overcomplicated rules and being unresponsive to player input.

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