Monday, April 17, 2017

Warhammer 40k, Blood Angels vs. Tau

Building off of my last post, 40k is STILL back, baby!  Here's a few pics from another game with my oldest boy, who continues to enjoy playing Blood Angels against any and all takers:
Tau advancing to the nearest buildings for firing positions across the road that divides this town, which looks nothing at all like my Force on Force terrain for urban operations in the Middle East... 

 Tau Crisis Suits advance to a rooftop, only to come face to face with a Blood Angels assault squad.
 Mephiston uses a spell to make one of the Tau on this rooftop explode, killing other nearby Tau.  Pretty spiffy trick, that. 
 The assault squad, having cleared the rooftop of Tau Crisis Suits, likewise slay some Kroot foolhardy enough to move into melee combat...
 Mephiston leads a tactical squad in a charge against these Tau.  Tau overwatch fire proves deadly, but...
 ....Mephiston closes the distance and gets the job done himself.
The assault squad used jump packs to move into assault range of this Tau unit and Ethereal...
 ...which left me with no more Tau in a bloody endgame.
The tally of points after 3 turns and conclusion of the game.  I got tabled by my boy.

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