Sunday, June 12, 2016

Battles of the Week, 11 June 2016

Another week, another round of battles.

First off, the boys and I played another chapter in the Modern Warfare:  Alien Invasion campaign, this time with a game set in the Middle East, where US Mechanized forces on a training mission in Kuwait are suddenly pushed into a fight for Kuwait City.

We do not come in peace.
I also played a game of Force on Force with the boys, which I'll have posted sometime this week.  And we've been busy with painting a number of things.  One of them being Hotwheels/Matchbox cars for Car Wars, inspired by this outstanding event.  Stay tuned.

Speaking of Force on Force, Platoon Forward has an AAR up with FoF rules mixed with Combat Patrol.  He ditches the FoF activation/reaction rules, which I think are actually quite good.  To each their own.

And before I go any further, Nerdly Darkness wins the internet with this outstanding Force on Force game with a wild twist.  Go read it, seriously.

Kaptain Kobold posts a strong second-place showing (won last week) for this Batrep of the X-Men versus the Fantastic Four.  And he's got an epic 17th Century game posted as well.

Baron Von J has some Black Powder ACW and a review of Star Wars Armada.

Sound Officer's Call has Quatre Bras in 10mm...check in to see if it follows history.

Speaking of Napoleonics, here's the battle of Marengo.

And, here's Preacher by Day's 100th Post, with a link to his handy urban tile tutorial that I hope to follow up on soon.

If you need some pulp adventure, go check out Allan Quartermain at the Earth's Core.

Wargaming with Barks has a Star Wars batrep up in comic book format... pretty cool.  I wonder how much extra work it is to use that format.

Fawcett Avenue Conscripts has some Epic 30k up - a pretty one-sided affair.

Craig has some more Bolt Action posted, with Free French versus Germans.

And, as is becoming tradition, I close with Frostgrave.  This week, it's from Wee Blokes.

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