Monday, July 4, 2016

Battles of the Week, 4 July 2016

Happy 4th of July to everyone.  No gaming on my part this week, just posts of other folks' fun and games.

Hook Island wins the internet this week with some To The Strongest posted,with a Byzantine-Bulgarian game up that's part of a campaign and follows the historical outcome... but just barely.  Very detailed battle report that lets you follow the action quite well.  Strong stuff.

Kaptain Kobold continues a string of Napoleonic games - one of Waterloo, with the French getting edged out at the end (perhaps destined to be a "close run thing"?) and a Black Powder game with ACW add-ons to play out the battle of Antietam.

Campaigns in Miniature has another WW II desert affair posted, one which goes poorly for the Brits who are attempting to break the Italian control of Northern Africa.

Stalker7 puts up a beautiful Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes report, as usual.  The website looks good too, almost enough to make me want to switch from Blogger to Wordpress.  Almost... that would actually be quite a bit of work that's put to better use on gaming and painting.

Double Six posts an Alien Versus Predator game that looks pretty cool in a Space Hulk sort of way.

NCC1717 (ha!) has an old-ish Starship Troopers AAR up that makes great use of some 40k miniatures to augment the visual palette that Starship Troopers usually evokes.  And, hey, let's face it, there's no reason to feel beholden to the movie-inspired minis.  If it held true to the book, you'd play the board game that requires a lot of book keeping so that the bug player can keep track of where he's hidden his hives and where he's set ambushes for the humans... sort of like Battleship... with bugs and nukes.  If someone has cracked the code on playing this at 6mm scale on a big board, with troopers able to jump-jet a quarter of a mile at a time, launching tactical nukes out of the shoulder racks on their armor, and some appropriately cool bug minis, let me know.  I'd probably buy that.

Baron Von J has a campaign for the kingdom that almost ends an ongoing campaign... but doesn't.

And we close with Frostgrave again.  Here's two perspectives of the same game - the RPG-ish version from One More Gaming Project and the more concise one from Archmage.  Pretty epic one, involving dragons.  Who clearly think that adventurers are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

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