Sunday, May 1, 2016

Battles of the Week, 1 May 2016

Great week for gaming for a lot of folks.  I've been in the garage crafting terrain, so another game will get played shortly with some snazzier woods.  Here's the weekly roundup of batreps/AARs:

Battles of the Week:  Pulp Alley campaign from two perspectives.  Here's one battle from the Egyptian cultists' perspective (great looking website, by the way), and as viewed by the Vatican's hit squad.  Here's a second battle, as viewed by the Egyptians, and again from the Vatican's pew. Apparently, priests make great snacks for giant spiders and sea monsters.  Both sites added to the blogroll.

Shakowkings has two good battles up - a pulpy game of 7TV2 and a game simulating a viking raid using the Blood Eagle rules.  What's brilliant is that the vikings are the characters from the History Channel show, Vikings, and Blood Eagle is an episode named after a particularly nasty method of execution.

Golden Age Supers at the Baron's place.  Gets extra points for superhero gaming.  I need to get back to my planned Avengers campaign.

AWI over at Steve's place.  Very cool.

To The Strongest at Big Lee's place, as he's indoctrinating a member of the next generation of wargamers.

LoTR at Little Wars VA.  Good game.  I'm very pleased with the minis associated with this game, though I've never played it, and my ability to buy them on eBay, painted, for $2 or less a piece.  GW's marketing decisions continue to suck in tons of new wargamers who leave the hobby a year or two later and flood the market with their now unwanted painted minis.  I'm not complaining.

Battlesworn old west shootout at The Stronghold Rebuilt.  Great mashup of game and genre.  If you missed it, here's his pulp Battlesworn batrep, Fu Manchu's Halls of Horror.  And here's some ACW for you, a DBA post with some fantastic pics, and another battle in his One Hour Wargames project.  Dude is just killin' it.

Starship Troopers at Skill Level 0.  Visually impressive battle report.  Good looking stuff; adding to the blogroll.

WH40K at Into the Maelstrom.  Part 2 of a campaign.  Check it out.  Napoleonics at Into the Maelstrom.  LoTR at Into the Maelstrom.  Triple duty in three different genres.  Impressive - adding to the blogroll.

Preacher by Day has a sci-fi Pulp Alley game up.  Recommend you go there and read the archives - a whole slew of cool Pulp Alley games using WH40K minis are posted.  Added to my blogroll.

Frostgrave over at Anatoli's Gameroom.  Great looking board.  Added to the blogroll.

Handy tip:  Wee Blokes provides a link to free paper terrain from Osprey for Frostgrave (though it works fine for any game, so long as you need a ruined city for your battlefield).

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