Sunday, May 8, 2016

Modern Battles of the Week, 8 May 2016

Doing things a bit differently this week.  I've got a few modern warfare AARs that I've been wanting to highlight, so I've split the battles into two entries:  this one for modern warfare, and this other one for fantasy, historical, and sci-fi battles.

First order of business is to add a new site to my blogroll, Hotel Zugando, where a 28mm scale modern wargame set in a fictional African nation is playing out with the Force on Force rules, the game that brought me back to wargaming after over two decades away.  Some AARs from that blog:
- Contracting Trouble, the ubiquitous Force on Force scenario, swapping CIA agents in for the contractors.  This was the first Force on Force game that I played, way back in my inaugural post.  And its been played and posted on the web by a number of folks:   DonoghDonogh reduxvon LuckyDan, and Dave.
- A Few Blocks of Hell, right out of the FoF book and  translated to an African setting.
- Closing Up Shop, another USMC-African rebel showdown with an interesting outcome.

Second on the to-do list is another addition to the blogroll, Rabbits in My Basement.  A couple of posts from this blog drew my attention - one with a day-long gaming session that starts with a Black Ops game set in Afghanistan, then a WW II Chain of Command, then Some Lion Rampant, and finally some War of the Ring action.  And a post where the author kitbashes FUBAR, Black Ops, and Chain of Command for a convention game set in modern Afghanistan.

And, here's a game trying to adapt a Vietnam scenario from Face of Battle into Force on Force, and struggling with the vehicle damage tables.  A common complaint that I houseruled into submission.

And though I've never played Buck Surdu's Combat Patrol, here's a write-up of a game set in Africa with a modern setting, and one set in WW II.

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  1. Thanks for the review of Hotel Zugando. I am glad you liked the reports.