Monday, May 9, 2016

Fantasy/Historical/Sci-Fi Battles of the Week, 9 May 2016

If you were looking for modern battle reports/AARs, you're in the wrong place  Go to this link.

Otherwise, business as usual (though it took an extra day to get done)

Game of the Week:  Car Wars at Hot Wheels scale, with an epic arena.  Oh, you had me at hello.  I was raised on Car Wars, among other pursuits, and bought a copy of the re-issued game last year.  If only I had the time to do something on this scale.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle between the Empire and Wood Elves at Xin's place.  A somewhat one-sided affair, but a good-looking one.

Frostgrave at Anatoli's place, with the additional risk of giant worms eating people.  Good times.

English Civil War at the Tas Man Cave.  Impressive models.  I just watched A Field in England, a psychedelic horror-ish film set in the English Civil War.  Not sure what the hell happened, but it was hard not to finish once I started.

Preacher by Day has been busy.  A Pulp Alley convention game, running over Day 1 and Day 2, and a roundup of pics of other games, all gorgeous.

To the Strongest at Hook Island.  As always with these guys, a good-looking game.

Rome versus Carthage from the Band of Wargame Brothers.  Big game, and very cool.


  1. Thank you for being included! (Rome vs Carthage!)

  2. Thanks for providing links to the various games. I haven't run one since Pharsalus, but will be in the not to distant future. See