Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Frostgrave Campaign, Game 1

I've really enjoyed the games of Frostgrave I've played, so I jumped at the chance to enter into a Frostgrave campaign at my local game store, Augusta Book Exchange.  Two other players and I started out our Wizards, Apprentices, and henchmen to see what wonders the frozen city could provide for us.  My Wizard is an Elementalist, and I'm playing with collection of (mostly) Reaper Bones Dwarves.

Here's my band:
From left to right:  Freya (Infantry), Erik the Beserker (Man-at-Arms), Apprentice (needs a name), Wizard (fighting the urge to call him Stumpy Gandalf), Dain Deepaxe (Man-at-Arms), Callie (Archer), Gimp (Thug), and Bobbins (Thief).

My opponent for this game, Tony, has an Illusionist, and his Wizard and Apprentice are very appropriately Cthulu-esque mind flayers, with Orcs and other creatures as henchmen.

The board for Game 1, The Mausoleum:
View from my edge of the board.  Mausoleum represented by the four stone walls in a rectangle at center.  My Wizard is at left and is advancing, with Apprentice on right.

The board starts with four skeletons on it that will attack the nearest visible target, and the Mausoleum dispenses another skeleton every turn.
View from behind my Wizard as henchmen advance toward visible treasure.
View from behind my Apprentice.  Thug and Man-at-Arms on left, Archer on right.
Archer stepped into a building and took a shot across the field that missedits target...
...and was attacked by a skeleton!
Freya and Erik advanced toward some treasure, only to have a skeleton close the distance and attack...
...but Dain pitched in to lend Freya a hand, and they quickly dispatched the foul thing.
My Apprentice ran to Callie's aid...
...and is laid low by the beast for his troubles!
And Callie promptly returns the favor...

Least dramatic moment of the evening - my Thief grabs the money and runs, and no one stops him.

Here you can see the opposing side creeping up to the edge of the Mausoleum.  My Wizard moved away from a skeleton and cast Strength on Dain to make him pretty formidable in melee combat (clear token next to him to signify this), and Freya has secured a treasure chest.
A better view with the opposing party visible.  Tony's Apprentice is at left in the yellow robe, his Wizard at right with the staff.  His Orcs and Warhound continue to advance.
I start my retrograde off the field as we start to collect some treasure.  Wizard Stumpy and Freya step back a bit as Dain hauls off to deal with a skeleton in the background.
A real fight has broken out around one of the treasures next to the Mausoleum.  Tony's Templar and Warhound face off against Gimp and Erik.
Tony's Warhound takes a hit and gets pushed back.
Disaster!  The opposing Apprentice cast Mind Control on Freya, rolled a natural 20, and gets ready to use her to bash Stumpy's head in!
The fight continues in the center, with the Warhound having been eliminated (I think) by an arrow from Callie.  One of Tony's other minions, a Barbarian, advances to help his Templar.
Whew!  Stumpy casts Elemental Bolt and takes Freya out of the fight!

The opposing Apprentice gets confronted by a skeleton that appears from the near side of the Mausoleum...
...and gets knocked out!
The fight in the center broke my way!  The opposing Barbarian fled right, but Callie and Erik ran him down.
...and at top center, a skeleton is chasing down Tony's Templar.
...and takes him out of the fight.
And Stumpy and Dain move toward the table edge with a treasure chest.

At this point the game wrapped up.  Tony's Wizard left the field with some treasure, while his Wizard and henchmen all fell in combat.

Post-Game Report:
Both my Apprentice and Freya made full recoveries from their battlefield wounds, and I bagged 340 experience (good for three levels at 100 xp with 40 left over), picked up 240 gold and a dagger +1, as well as a grimoire containing the Bind Demon spell.  I raised my Elemental Bolt casting, Health, and learned the Bind Demon spell in anticipation of the next game, which may involve a Genie running amuck on the table.

Stay tuned for the next installment!