Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Kill Team, Blood Angels vs. Tau

Got introduced to Kill Team at my friendly local gaming store, and found that I really enjoyed it.  Played one intro game with 10 Blood Angels - 5 Tactical, 5 Death Company with jump packs.  I played against some Grey Knights that were dual wielding force swords, and figured my goose was pretty cooked, but the dice went my way, and I prevailed.

As these, things tend to go, GW promptly killed the game.  Then they brought back the Necromunda rules, which they shouldn't have killed in the first place, to replace it.

Regardless, I was struck with how well the 7th Edition 40k rules work for a skirmish game (which 40k isn't).

Anyway, I played a game with my eldest boy, who reveled in the chance to take the Tau to task with his/my Blood Angels (again).

We squared off with the same Blood Angels team against a group of Tau Fire Warriors and some marker light drones:
Blood Angels at far end of the field, Tau near, hoping to capture the three objectives marked with red poker chips.

I didn't catch much of the battle in progress, but as you can see, the Tactical Blood Angels took some losses, while the Death Company managed to close the distance and wipe out the Tau.

Two Brothers of the Death Company celebrate with a post-battle high-five on the (former) Tau high ground.

I really don't feel like jumping on the Necromunda reboot bandwagon right now, and will definitely break out these rules in the future.  Should've expected that GW would pull the rug out from under me, I suppose...

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