Sunday, May 7, 2017

Frostgrave has Arrived!

I've been watching the game Frostgrave from afar for some time, and wanted to get into it myself.  It's been a good baptism by fire.  With the help of my gracious friend Robert, I played my first game...
View from my side of the table, as my wizard advances on left, and apprentice and associated minions prepare to advance on right.
Catastrophe!  My wizard gets smacked with a critical hit (roll 20 on a d20) and drops like a stone!
It's a scrum!  My (unfortunately partially unpainted) forces wrap around the center terrain and square off with the enemy...
Both my opponents' wizard and apprentice fall to my minions!
Only my minions are left, so the field is mine!

So this turned out to be a dramatic shift in the gameplay - I thought I was getting tabled, but it all flipped somewhere in the middle and I ended up holding the board

More Frostgrave to follow....

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