Sunday, May 7, 2017

Two More Quick 40k Games

Wrapped up a couple more small-ish 40k games, in the same vein as the games played in this post.

Game 1:
An Ork horde squares off with the Tau.  The Ork plan is to advance into melee combat, the Tau plan is to stop the Orks from closing the distance and shoot them all stone dead.  Very straightforward.
The forces at game's start.  The goofy kid's tractor toy in the background is substituting for a Trukk. 
The Ork right flank advances, and that Trukk doesn't look at all silly.

Another view of the Ork right flank, showing the Stormboyz moving to the cover of the industrial silos at center.
The Boyz have departed from the Trukk, the Stormboyz are advancing, it all seems to be going according to plan...
Unfortunately for the Orks, the overwatch fire from the Tau proved absolutely murderous, and the Stormboyz, when they finally reached the Tau lines, were far fewer than when they started.  And, as it turns out, the Tau Crisis Suits aren't as squishy as Fire Warriors in melee combat.  Wish I'd taken more pictures.

Oh, and this wouldn't be a battle report if I couldn't say that the Ork Weirdboy failed spectacularly.  He - again - attempted to teleport and rolled a critical failure, disappearing into the Warp with a significant portion of the Boyz.

Game 2:
Back to another Blood Angel-Ork fight, this time in a desert environment.
The Ork horde advances again toward Blood Angel lines, with the Stormboyz using a walled compound to cover their movement.
It wouldn't be a battle report with the customary news that the Ork Weirdboy failed.  Based on his failure in our last battle reports, he only had a few Burnaboyz to teleport with.  Of course, he failed, dramatically, disappearing again into the Warp with his crew.
The Weirdboyz's failure was just the beginning.  Above you see the end result of the battle, with the Blood Angels' combined arms laying waste to the Orks.  Some dramatic morale roll failures by the Orks accelerated the process.
That's all for now... coming soon, some Frostgrave.

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