Monday, May 15, 2017

Frostgrave, Second Game

Got a chance to get in another game of Frostgrave at my friendly neighborhood gaming shop, the Augusta Book Exchange.  I can't recommend the store enough.  If you're in the Augusta, Georgia area, you should stop in - the gaming community is strong and something is going on most every night of the week.

Anyway, my Elementalist from last game is back, squaring off against a different opponent.
View from behind my advance - Wizard and nearby henchmen on right, Apprentice the henchmen he was leading are just out of picture at bottom right.

I advanced and immediately got off a couple of Elemental Bolts that killed opposing henchmen.  Then, getting overconfident, I put my Apprentice up on some high ground and he was promptly shot down by an opposing Archer.

The game progressed in my favor generally, with my trusty men-at-arms advancing strongly on my left flank.

View from the opposing Apprentice's vantage point, with her archer (right) standing between her and three of my men-at-arms.  My men had just dispatched two opposing henchmen.

My men-at-arms continued to advance while my Wizard fired off Elemental Bolts.

One of my henchmen attacks the enemy archer at left while two more attack another on the right.

My lead man-at-arms, Erik the Beserker, locks the enemy Wizard in hand-to-hand combat.

Dain Deepaxe, another of my men-at-arms, has dispatched the enemy archer and closed the distance with the opposing Apprentice.

Top view of the action.  My Wizard, at right, directs the action while Erik attacks the enemy Wizard at top right, and Dain and Freya, two of my other henchpersons, attack the enemy Apprentice at top right.

Victory!  My henchmen slay the opposing Wizard and Apprentice.

I'm pleased with the Frostgrave gameplay.  It's fun, balanced, and plays quickly.

Stay tuned - next post will chronicle the start of the local Frostgrave campaign!

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