Sunday, May 7, 2017

Two Quick 40k Games

Here's two short 40k battle reports:

Game 1:
A Christmas (yes, a bit of delayed reporting here) game between me and my brother with our sons joining in.  Due to a lack of proper terrain, we set things up on the family dinner table after eating and used platters and canned vegies for... vegetation.  Other canned goods provided some other things to block the line of sight.

My Blood Angels formed a battle line and faced off against my newly purchased Orks. 
The Ork horde advances toward the Blood Angels, hoping to get within charge range. 
The Orks' Weirdboy tried to get his mojo going, but rolled serial failures and proved entirely worthless.  Note this - it will prove a constant in our games.

The Blood Angels' Furioso Dreadnought has taken the center of the field, breaking the Orks' center and putting and end to the contest.

We both forgot to bring dice, but I'm happy to report that the Games Workshop dice rolling app works great.  Fun was had by all.

Game 2:
The second game comes from a trip to our friendly local wargaming store.  Almost all of the table space was taken up, so we grabbed one long, thin table and set up another quick game.  My boys played the Blood Angels, and I played the Orks.  The point value for this game was slightly higher than the last, with the Blood Angels fielding Mephiston and the Orks some additional Boyz.

The Ork horde starts awfully close to Blood Angel lines this time...

The Ork Weirdboy tried to teleport behind the Space Marine lines with a large complement of Boyz to whip some Blood Angels.  He again rolled up a critical failure and he and half of the total Boyz head count frittered off into the Warp.

The Furioso Dreadnought again gets into the mix with the Ork main body.  This bodes ill for the greenskins...

Mephiston joins the Dreadnought and contributes to wrecking the Orks in detail.  The Deffkoptas that swept behind Blood Angel lines (back of the photo) didn't do much to dent the Marines' effectiveness.

This game proved another Blood Angel victory.  Stay tuned for future game reports - we'll get some Tau back in the mix.

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