Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Frostgrave Campaign, Game 2

I had a great time in the first game of the Frostgrave campaign I'm in.  For the second game, we played a three-player version of the scenario 'Genie in the Bottle,' where a Genie is hidden in one of the treasure chests the three treasure hunting bands are after.

Here's my warband, made up largely of Reaper Bones Dwarves:
From left to right, the Apprentice (still needs a name), the Gimp, my Wizard (an Elementalist whom I still try to resist calling Stumpy Gandalf), Erik the Beserker, an Orc Barbarian I hired with the proceeds from the last game, Freya, Bobbins the Thief, Callie the Archer, and Dain Deepaxe.

The other two warbands (I apologize for not having pictures) belong to Tony, who has an Illusionist band composed of a Cthulu-esque mind-flayer Wizard and undead/creature minions, and Marc, who has also has an Elementalist warband that includes some delightfully appropriate snowman monsters from the movie Frozen.

We started off in three different spots on the edges of the board, with a number of treasures set upon the table among ruined buildings.

My warband started off opposite and in view of Marc's.  I immediately fired off a shot each from my archer and Wizard and took down one of his fighters...
...and Marc's Wizard put up a wall to prevent taking more casualties.
My Apprentice and some minions advance on my left.
Top view.  My band is at bottom left, Marc's on the right with his Frozen abominable snowman, and Tony's band is at the top of the frame.
Marc's snowman, with some of his and Tony's warband exchanging fire through the back side of this shot.
My band changes direction to get around the old hollow tree stump and toward some treasure and Marc's band.
Another top shot.  My band continues to advance from bottom left.
Tony's band advances to take a treasure away.  His Wizard and Apprentice are at the back, his snake woman archer at left, Templar rounding the corner, and a skeleton minion at front.
I continue my advance.  My orc barbarian is rounding the tree stump to take the fight to Marc's band, while my Apprentice runs off to the left for some treasure.
Bobbins, my Halfling thief, is making off with some loot, while my Apprentice is advancing in the background.
The orc barbarian advances, with Dain backing him up.
Marc put up a Wall spell, but the barbarian and Dain advanced beyond it to close the distance.
View from the far side of the table, where Erik has caught up with a treasure-laden skeleton.
Meanwhile, the Gimp has a treasure in hand while the Apprentice advances.  I should note that the Apprentice is trying to cast spells constantly by this point, and steadily failing and bleeding health.

And then, Marc manages to get a thief on top of the tower at center of the table.  He opens it up, rolls for results, and...
The Genie is loose!
The Genie and Marc's thief square off on the top of the tower.
Meanwhile, Marc's archer lands a lucky shot and takes out Tony's Apprentice.
My orc has closed the distance, and Dain is not far behind...
Marc's thief miraculously won combat against the Genie and pushed it back, forcing it to fall from the top of the tower.  Unfortunately, Stumpy Gandalf is the closest mini and will be the next object of the Genie's affections... unless, that is, he can successfully cast a Bind Demon spell.  I was lucky enough to pick up a Bind Demon Grimoire last game, and learned the spell.  I cast the spell and cut myself enough to be wounded, but succeeded in binding the Genie!
Meanwhile, my Apprentice finally succeeded in casting Elemental Bolt, blasting the (now absent) Wizard from Tony's band out of his shoes.
Marc has taken casualties from the Orc barbarian and Dain's assault.
The Gimp scrambles off with treasure...
Before falling to enemy fire, one of Tony's Illusionists cast a mind control spell on Erik the Berzerker, and Freya had to engage him in combat.  This spell has proven particularly meddlesome.
My Orc and Dain continue their combat, now joined by the marauding Genie.
Freya has triumphed over Erik, and now Tony's archer is assailed on three sides by members of my band.
Oh noes!  My Orc falls to one of Marc's band.
Tony's archer finally falls to the combined weight of three of my warband.
There are now fewer opposing members of Marc's band left standing now, but he still has minions carting off treasure chests.
...minions that the Genie, under my control, can chase down.  Here's his last henchman, an archer trying to husband off the last bit of treasure.
...not anymore.  The Genie fires off a missile attack and takes him out.

And with that, neither Marc nor Tony had anyone left on the board.  All treasure remaining was mine by default.

This was a pretty solid game from my perspective.  It turned strongly in my favor when the Genie came under my control.

Post-game report:

The barbarian recovered from his wounds fine, but Erik the Beserker was dead.  I spent enough gold to buy another man-at-arms to replace him.  I managed to gather up 570 gold from the treasure collected and what I had last time, and bought my archer a magical +2 bow.  I secured a potion of healing for the Apprentice, who could have used one this game.  I also raised Health one point, learned Control Undead from a Grimoire collected, and added a point each to the Elemental Bolt, Wall, and Steal Health spells.

Will post game 3 shortly, stay tuned!

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